App Development in GuelphWe are a full-service digital marketing agency

    delivering ingenious solutions that assure you the greatest return on investment.


We engage your clients

    with high-end marketing strategies that your competition has yet to discover.


Since 1994, we have created successful online,

mobile, and print marketing solutions customized for

our diverse client base, ranging from grassroots

start-ups, to governments and corporations.


Our clients benefit from sound advice, solid

production, and distinctly measurable results.


Our passion and dedication results in the

privilege of having clients start with us and stay with us.



Crafting Digital Marketing Engines Since 1994




Brand Identity
Graphic Design


A/B / Split / Bucket Testing
Website Analytics and Tracking


Content Management
Project Management
Site Transfer


Content Management Systems
Database Development
Mobile Marketing

Membership Sites

Streaming Media

Web Development
Video Production


Client Conversion
Competition Analysis
Research & Intelligence
Site Funneling
Strategic Marketing Development

The Crew

Jason Bavington  •  Founder

Bethany Fisher  •  Lead Designer

Diana Fisher  •  Lead Illustrator

Sam Shaw  •  Lead Mobile App Programmer

Greg Peterson  •  Project Manager, Editor


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Why We're Powered by Frogs

Bullfrog Power is Canada's 100% green electricity provider and offers a clean, renewable electricity alternative in several provinces.

Bullfrog Power injects renewable electricity onto our regional grid to match the amount of power our business uses. Bullfrog's electricity comes exclusively from wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact by Environment Canada under its EcoLogo program, instead of traditionally polluting sources like coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear.


Midnight Illusions Ltd. is helping to reshape the electricity landscape by bringing new renewable generation online.  By contributing to the demand for renewable generation, several new wind projects are soon to come online in Canada, with more sustainable hydro and solar sources to follow.

Which is why we're truly honoured to have our faciilty powered by frogs...


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Bullfrog Power - How It Works

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