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Welcome to miApps!

Built upon a company with +20 years experience in the digital media space, miApps! specializes in award-winning start-to-finish services for mobile application development across all major mobile platforms.

Whether you require mobile app development for your business, not-for-profit, or government organization, our exceptional team brings you intuitive interfaces and professional audio/visual user experience (UX) design expertise.

We strongly adhere to 3 fundamental principles for all app projects and consultation:

1 - Solid Foundation

miApps! is a division of Midnight Illusions Ltd. -- a digital marketing company with +20 years experience that consistently employs marketing techniques before the competition even discovers them.

2 - Tried & True Services

Ongoing in-house R&D ensures your production-ready app performs as intended, works on the devices you intend, and delivers the end-user experience you envisioned.

3 - Long-Term Relationships

Midnight Illusions Ltd. is privileged to have been working with some clients for 10-15 years. We take your business seriously and are here for the long haul.

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We offer a variety of enterprise-level services to realize your app development objectives.

Strategic Roadmap

We spend significant time planning before doing. This ensures accurate and respected budgets, realistic timelines, and fully met expectations.

Design and UX

Da Vinci, Picasso, Renoir, the miApps! Design Team.
We cherry-pick our UX designers and feed them plenty of candy. No defections yet. Just awesome expert UX design.

Product Development

Under the hood is a masterpiece of coding that makes even the most socially-awkward geek cry. In the end, you receive pure and efficient code that simply hums.

Project Management

Every grand plan has an OCD-enriched Master who keeps the crew happy, runs a tight ship, and creatively addresses all issues. Smiles for miles, too...

QA & Testing

We constantly try and break our apps so our end users aren't able to. We rather bruise in-house egos than risk your app's reputation to your target audience.

Deploy, Analyze, Enhance

When your app is released into the mobile ecosystem, we use multiple feedback channels to ensure project objectives have been met. We also look to the future and provide feedback on future feature and core enhancements, to keep pace with an ever-changing mobile space.

Enterprise-Level Idea Generator

Sales/Marketing Apps, Presentation Apps, Estimation Tools, Quotation Tools, HR Apps, Database Integration. And so much more ...

Consumer-Level Idea Generator

Arcade Games. 3D Games. Strategy Games. Social Apps. Entertainment Apps. Magazines.
And so much more ...

App Consultation

New to the mobile app space? Want to enhance or scale your existing portfolio? Wondering about OS or SDK upgrades? We can help ...

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